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Virgin Islands Repeaters

Hurricanes have taken down several of the local repeaters, but currently there is one two meter repeater on each of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, and one in the British Virgin Islands:

146.63---St. John (KP2SJ)

146.81---St. Thomas (KP2O)

147.25---St. Croix (NP2B)

146.73---Tortola (BVI) (VP2R)

All of the repeaters are open, but all either require or shortly will require a 100Hz CTCSS tone for access. This is due primarily because of the increasing number of commercial repeaters being installed either at the sites or near the sites where the ham radio repeaters are located. Operation by visiting hams is always welcomed. Due to the small number of hams in the Virgin Islands, 146.52 (the national simplex frequency) is rarely monitored as it is in the states.

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